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Pinterest Hacks – 7 TOP Hacks To Drive Traffic

As a blogger, website traffic plays a crucial role in deciding the minimum and maximum returns to your investment. That said, Pinterest is one of the reliable sources of traffic, leads, and potential sales. But what exactly is Pinterest?

Popular Pinterest Hacks To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Many people think that like any other social platform such as Facebook, Pinterest is a social network that brings together individuals with similar interests, where they can share (videos and images) and discover new interests altogether. But the truth is that Pinterest is not a purely social platform and it works like a visual search engine therefore it is very important to optimize the content you publish on your Pinterest account! Saying content I mean pins descriptions and boards name!

The focus on Pinterest is mainly on sharing tastes, interests, and personal lifestyle concepts with like-minded people. As such, it can be used to create brand awareness, and facilitate leads to your website. Through this connection, the network becomes a standard social network.

But how do you find new fans for your blog on Pinterest?

The idea behind using Pinterest to send traffic and leads to your site is turning blog posts into pins. Anytime someone finds your pins, and it is a direct link to your site. However, you are not the only one thinking about the idea! So you will have to think about a number of Pinterest hacks to help you sift through the millions of pins. The hacks should help you get more readers and visitors to your site while driving traffic to your blog. 

How to set up a Pinterest account?

The number one step into diving into Pinterest for your blog or business is setting up an account that reflects your brand, one that is optimized to reflect all aesthetics of your brand. You can quickly achieve this by filling out your Bio with relevant keywords that reflect your brand. Moreover, you will have to brand your account by adding a board cover to the profile. Similarly, adding board titles that describe the board with relevant keywords and hashtags is a better idea of identifying what your visitors are looking for on Pinterest.

One of the best ways in which you can identify how these titles and keywords affect your brand is by knowing what you want to be known for. Most of your potential visitors will type various keywords and phrases on Pinterest or Google to find your blog. These keywords, phrases, and hashtags are what interests them. So your job will be to find those keywords and use them on your board, as well as your board description. 

Create branded images for your board

Since Pinterest is majorly focused on images for pins and re-pins, creating images is crucial. But, why branded images? They make you stand out as well as recognizable to your visitors. Moreover, it makes you more of a professional. As a result, your users can easily distinguish your pins from someone else’s. Importantly, use large and clear fonts to display blog titles, your website logo, and links on the image as well. 

Make use of rich pins

These are highly important if you want to be valuable in the eyes of Pinterest as well as getting noticed in the feed. When enabled, you get more information displayed on your board. These include headlines and titles, website address, as well as your author icon. Rich pins on a blog help your pins stand out. Even more, rich pins help you get more re-pins, likes, traffic and leads to your site.

How to apply for Pinterest Rich Pins?

Before you can use rich pins in your Pinterest account, you will need to have a validated site. However, this does not occur automatically. You will have to apply by following set criteria. This includes; 

  • Add Pinterest’s code to your website

If you are using WordPress, you can achieve this by using the Yoast SEO plugin. This app will allow you to add Pinterest meta tags as well as copying and pasting necessary Pinterest codes to your site. Once you are finished adding the codes, you can request for Pinterest review on the legitimacy of your website.

  • Validating your site on Pinterest

Another great way of applying for rich pins is by heading over to Pinterest’s validation tool. This will give you a preview of your pin as well as an opportunity to apply for rich pins. If you successfully achieve the validation, you will receive an email from Pinterest telling you that they have been enabled.

Whichever method you choose, the validation may take as long as a week. So there is no cause for alarm if you do not get an email immediately. With this Pinterest hack, you can be confident to boost engagement using rich pins.

Join popular group boards

This is one of the surefire hacks of widening your reach as well as driving traffic to your site. Group boards are collaborations where several pinners work on the same board. With such fronts, contributors can pin their content and others with similar interests/topics. As such, with many influential bloggers/group boards in one place, you can be sure that this will bring a ton of readers to your blog.

How to find Pinterest group boards? The best way of identifying these boards is by checking out your favorite bloggers’ profiles. While scrolling through their profile, you will identify groups in which they are collaborators. However, you could create your own group boards and invite other pinners. This way, you will get a new audience and form connections with fellow bloggers in your industry. 

Stay active on Pinterest

With everything set up and running, you now need to stay active. You can do this by continually adding content and assessing what your users are looking for. To make your board memorable, you should aim to pin at least five times a day, but you will have to space out the pins. This way, you will be able to engage with your audience. Most importantly, you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of your strategies. With clear analysis, you will know which pins are popular and what content to replicate more. 

Driving considerable traffic to your site through Pinterest may take time, but it is a worthy investment. With these top Pinterest hacks, you can be confident joining the many bloggers who are already using Pinterest as a marketing tool. 

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