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Pinterest Strategy 9 Simple Tips

In this post, we shall be looking at Pinterest’s strategy. Simply, I mean they are easy to do but they need some work and dedication. You require some discipline to drive traffic to other platforms using Pinterest.

Over the years, a lot has changed on Pinterest. Some of the strategies that worked before may not be as effective nowadays or may not be working at all. The algorithm change has made it difficult to grow on Pinterest but this is about to change. After reading this article, you will find some of the simple tricks that you can implement to max out Pinterest’s capability. Stay tuned for a bonus tip at the end of the post.

To max out, you need to check on consistency, pinning, getting engagement on your pins, using hashtags, maintaining multiple boards, refreshing pins, etc.

Let’s dig into these tips deeper to understand how they work.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 1 – Consistency

Consistency is vital when doing anything. You should be consistent with when you pin on your boards. This creates some trust with your followers as they will be having an idea of when to expect and what to expect. Moreover, Pinterest pays more attention to boards that are always active. This is the first step to an avalanche of traffic. Get consistent and you will be on the right track. I would suggest pinning every day.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 2 – How To Pin

You might be consistent with your pins but doing it the wrong way.

How should it be done?

Well, nowadays, the ratio of the pins matters a lot. It turns out that pins with the ratio 2:3 tend to do better than any other. In the past, this was not the case. Longer pins did better than shorter pins but since the algorithms change every time, we have to accept, adapt and work on the changes. It is now time for the 2:3 ratio where you are expected to have a pin that is 600px by 900px. I think Pinterest has even come up with a way to penalize the pins that are longer. For instance, a pin that is 10% longer, will have to get ten times the engagement than a standard pin to be on the same level. That is just how it is. Know how to pin.

Tip 3 – Get People To Engage With Your Content

Having active followers is a real advantage. Here is why. New pins are first directed to your followers. If your followers like what you pin and engage with it, Pinterest will understand that your content is good and will let more people see it. Try and get real and active followers that engage with your content. This also means that you should understand your followers. You should know what they want to see. Do not pin irrelevant content. What I mean is, if your board is about cars, do not pin anything that is not related to cars. I hope you get that well.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 4 – Using Hashtags

Hashtags have become a very crucial factor nowadays in enabling people to see your pins and boards. Hashtags are like keywords. They try to explain what your pin is about. You should, therefore, use relevant hashtags. When you use hashtags in your pins, the hashtag feeds will display your pin and it is more likely to be viewed. Keywords are added in the description. You should first write a compelling title with the main keywords, followed by the hashtags. The use of hashtags is also strategic. For instance, If your pin is about chicken taco recipes, some of the hashtags should be #ChickenTaco #ChickenTacoRecipe as Jennifer Priest says. She has more information on how to use hashtags and keywords.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 5 – Maintaining Multiple Boards

Having multiple boards is an added advantage. This is a great way to escape spamming the users. You should create just the right amount of boards to help you re-pin your content ‘legally’. Please note that you should not do it at the same time. Scheduling the re-pin is advised. Pinterest is smart enough to know when you are spamming. Use multiple boards wisely to prevent your account from getting suspended.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 6 – Refreshing Pins

Refreshing pins are essential. This ensures that your pins are always fresh. A pin that is 2 or 3 years old will not bring in traffic as it should although the content is good. To understand how refreshing pins works, you should first understand how Pinterest shows content to its users. If you follow me, you might find the same pin re-pinned several times. What this means is that Pinterest shows content to the user depending on their interests and the people they follow. My pin may be re-pinned by some of my followers. You will, therefore, be familiar with the pin and you will not have the interest to re-pin it. To keep the pin fresh, you should keep on updating the pin. You can do this by researching the new keyword and hashtags that are trending. Write a good description and create an image based on the keywords and description. You should do this to all your pins to keep them fresh always. Pinterest has a very effective scheduling tool. You can upload the new pins to Tailwind which will help you upload the content.

Tip 7 – Know When Your Followers Are Online

To get better results on your pins, you should upload your content when your followers are online. To know when they are online, use the following tab section. This section keeps the recently uploaded content on top. You should, therefore, know when to pin your content. Remember that the pins that get more attention are more likely to reach more people. That is what you should be after.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 8 – Use Guided Search

Here is another tip that works miracles. It is somehow related to a keyword search but with this one, you give people what they want. When you search for anything on Pinterest’s search bar, you will get other suggested keywords. This shows what people search for the most. This is what the users want to see. Get relevant keywords from there and add them to your description. The chances for your pins to get seen will increase.

Pinterest Strategy Tip 9 – Stay Up To Date

Like I mentioned earlier, Pinterest is always changing, and equally, the algorithm is ever-changing. To be able to stay on top and have an avalanche of traffic to your pins and other platforms, you should always be on the lookout for these changes. That way, when something changes, you adapt quickly and move with the change. This can be done by signing up for the Pinterest business newsletter and Pinterest best practices page.

If you employ these tips, I guarantee that you will see some change in the amount of traffic you get. That’s not all, here is a bonus tip. You can use this method to help you upload your pins.

Start by creating 5 pins with great content. The next step is to save these pins to 5-10 different boards. Repeat this every 2 days and 5 hours. To make it easy for you, you can use Tailwind (Pinterest scheduling tool). Ensure you save 40 pins every day. Since you are creating 5 pins of your own, you should get the rest 35 pins from other creators. Make sure the content your content is valuable. After 2 weeks, you should be doing the vice versa. 35 pins from you and 5 from other creators. This is a great way to increase engagement with your pins since you are constantly creating content. You should also remember that patience is a crucial factor. Work hard and be patient.

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