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Record Label Names 240+ For Your Music Brand

Choosing the perfect name for your record label is a critical step in establishing your brand identity in the music industry. Whether you’re an indie startup or looking to rebrand, the right name can set the tone for your entire enterprise. In this blog post, we’ll explore different categories of record label names to spark your creativity.

Vintage Record Label Names

Vintage record label names evoke a sense of nostalgia and timelessness, often drawing inspiration from the golden age of music. These names can appeal to audiences who appreciate classic sounds and the rich history of music.

  1. Retro Rhythms
  2. Classic Vinyl Records
  3. Golden Era Tunes
  4. Timeless Tracks
  5. Nostalgia Notes
  6. Vintage Vibes Records
  7. Old School Beats
  8. Retro Rewind Records
  9. Antique Audio
  10. Classic Groove
  11. Heritage Harmonies
  12. Vintage Melodies
  13. Retro Revival Records
  14. Timeless Tunes
  15. Past Perfect Records
  16. Retro Reverie
  17. Golden Hits Records
  18. Memory Lane Music
  19. Classic Cuts
  20. Time Capsule Tunes
  21. Retro Rhythms Records
  22. Yesterday’s Hits
  23. Retro Resonance
  24. Timeless Tones
  25. Vintage Harmonies
  26. Retro Echoes
  27. Golden Oldies Records
  28. Nostalgic Notes
  29. Classic Era Sounds
  30. Vintage Vinyl Vibes

Catchy Record Label Names

Catchy record label names are designed to stick in people’s minds, making them easy to remember and recognize. These names often use clever wordplay, alliteration, or unique concepts to stand out in the crowded music industry. A catchy name not only helps in branding but also in marketing, as it makes it easier for listeners and artists to recall your label. Here are 30 examples of catchy record label names to spark your creativity:

  1. BeatBox Records
  2. GrooveGarden
  3. SonicSphere
  4. MelodyMakers
  5. RhythmRiot
  6. PulsePoint
  7. EchoEmpire
  8. HarmonyHive
  9. VibeVault
  10. TuneTrek
  11. LyricalLands
  12. GrooveGalaxy
  13. MelodyMaze
  14. SoundSprout
  15. SonicStream
  16. RhythmRunners
  17. TuneTrail
  18. BeatBliss
  19. EchoEnigma
  20. HarmonyHaven
  21. VibeVista
  22. TuneTide
  23. SonicSilk
  24. MelodyMagnet
  25. RhythmRealm
  26. PulsePalace
  27. EchoEclipse
  28. HarmonyHarbor
  29. VibeVoyage
  30. BeatBreeze

These names are crafted to capture attention and leave a lasting impression, helping your record label carve out a unique identity in the music world.

Top Record Label Names

Top record label names convey a sense of authority, prestige, and professionalism, often becoming synonymous with high-quality music and successful artists. These names are typically simple yet powerful, designed to instill confidence and recognition in the industry. A top record label name can help attract talented artists and create a strong brand presence. Here are 30 examples of top record label names to inspire you:

  1. Platinum Records
  2. StarSound Studios
  3. PrimeWave
  4. Apex Audio
  5. Zenith Music Group
  6. Elite Echoes
  7. Prestige Records
  8. Summit Sound
  9. Crown Tunes
  10. Pinnacle Beats
  11. Regal Rhythm
  12. Supreme Soundworks
  13. Legacy Tracks
  14. Iconic Harmony
  15. Premier Pulse
  16. Majestic Melodies
  17. Paramount Grooves
  18. Vanguard Vibes
  19. Sovereign Sound
  20. Imperial Tunes
  21. Ascend Audio
  22. Legacy Legends
  23. Champion Chords
  24. Titan Tracks
  25. Sovereign Sounds
  26. Apex Anthems
  27. Crest Records
  28. Exquisite Echoes
  29. Masterpiece Music
  30. Monumental Melodies

These names are crafted to embody excellence and a high standard, reflecting the ambitions and accomplishments of a top-tier record label.

Modern Record Label Names

Modern record label names often reflect contemporary trends, technology, and innovation. These names are designed to appeal to a current and forward-thinking audience.

  1. Future Sound Records
  2. Urban Beats
  3. Digital Harmony
  4. Modern Melody
  5. Neon Vibes Records
  6. NextGen Tracks
  7. Quantum Beats
  8. Pulse Records
  9. Electro Groove
  10. Sonic Waves
  11. Urban Pulse
  12. Digital Dreams
  13. Cutting Edge Records
  14. Fusion Tunes
  15. Contemporary Sound
  16. Techno Beats
  17. Urban Rhythms
  18. Modern Frequency
  19. Digital Pulse Records
  20. Urban Echoes
  21. Future Vibes
  22. Pulse Wave Records
  23. Modern Beat
  24. Cyber Sound
  25. Urban Legends Records
  26. Future Tracks
  27. Next Wave Records
  28. Modern Groove
  29. Sonic Pulse
  30. Digital Fusion

Unique Record Label Names

Unique record label names capture attention with their distinctiveness and creativity, setting your brand apart in the crowded music industry. These names often incorporate unusual words, imaginative concepts, or quirky combinations that leave a lasting impression. A unique name not only highlights your label’s originality but also appeals to artists and audiences looking for something fresh and different. Here are 30 examples of unique record label names to inspire your branding journey:

  1. Sonic Kaleidoscope
  2. Echo Chamber Collective
  3. Lyrical Labyrinth
  4. Harmony Haven
  5. Quantum Groove
  6. Nebula Notes
  7. Resonance Realm
  8. Velvet Vibes
  9. Serendipity Sound
  10. Elysian Echoes
  11. Mosaic Melodies
  12. Enigma Tracks
  13. Astral Audio
  14. Ethereal Rhythms
  15. Vibrant Visions
  16. Mirage Music
  17. Lucid Tunes
  18. Echo Enigma
  19. Sonic Solstice
  20. Aurora Audio
  21. Nocturne Notes
  22. Fusion Frequencies
  23. Arcane Anthems
  24. Crystal Chords
  25. Phoenix Pulse
  26. Celestial Sounds
  27. Prism Beats
  28. Echo Oasis
  29. Dreamwave Records
  30. Zenith Zest

These names are designed to stand out with their originality and flair, helping your record label create a unique and memorable brand identity that resonates with both artists and listeners.

Genre-Specific Record Label Names

Genre-specific record label names cater to a particular style of music, making it clear what type of artists and sounds the label represents. This focus can help attract a dedicated fanbase and artists within that genre.

  1. Rock Revolution Records
  2. Hip Hop Haven
  3. Jazz Junction
  4. Country Roads Records
  5. Pop Paradise
  6. Metal Mayhem Records
  7. Blues Boulevard
  8. Indie Icons
  9. Reggae Rhythms
  10. Classical Creations
  11. EDM Empire
  12. Folk Fusion Records
  13. Punk Pulse
  14. Soul Sanctuary
  15. R&B Rhythms
  16. Gospel Glory Records
  17. Latin Legends
  18. Funk Factory
  19. Alternative Anthem
  20. Ska Sounds
  21. World Music Wonders
  22. Hard Rock Hits
  23. Trap Tunes
  24. Acoustic Aura
  25. House Harmony
  26. K-Pop Kings
  27. Trance Territory
  28. Disco Divas
  29. Grunge Garage
  30. Techno Titans

Badass Record Label Names

Badass record label names exude confidence, edge, and attitude, appealing to artists and audiences who embrace bold and rebellious vibes. These names often carry a sense of toughness and raw energy, making a strong statement in the music industry. A badass name can help establish your label’s identity as a powerhouse, attracting talent and fans who resonate with your fearless brand. Here are 30 examples of badass record label names to inspire you:

  1. Rebel Riffs
  2. Savage Sound
  3. Fierce Beats
  4. Iron Clad Records
  5. Thunderstrike Tunes
  6. Dark Horse Records
  7. Rogue Rhythm
  8. Viper Vibes
  9. Warpath Waves
  10. Havoc Harmonies
  11. Titan Tunes
  12. Edge Echoes
  13. Inferno Tracks
  14. Gritty Grooves
  15. Venom Vibes
  16. Outlaw Audio
  17. Nemesis Notes
  18. Brutal Beats
  19. Vandal Vibes
  20. Wildfire Records
  21. Scorpion Sound
  22. Phantom Tracks
  23. Berserk Beats
  24. Apex Anthems
  25. Chaos Harmony
  26. Sinister Sound
  27. Rogue Reverberations
  28. Defiant Echoes
  29. Venomous Vibes
  30. Anarchy Audio

These names are crafted to project strength and audacity, ensuring your record label stands out with a fearless and compelling identity.

Geographical Record Label Names

Geographical record label names draw inspiration from specific locations, often reflecting the cultural or musical heritage of a place. These names can create a strong identity and connection to a region.

  1. Brooklyn Beats
  2. Nashville Notes
  3. LA Rhythms
  4. London Groove
  5. Paris Pulse
  6. Tokyo Tunes
  7. Miami Melodies
  8. Detroit Sound
  9. Sydney Sonic
  10. New Orleans Vibes
  11. Berlin Beats
  12. Chicago Harmony
  13. Rio Rhythms
  14. Kingston Groove
  15. San Francisco Sound
  16. Ibiza Beats
  17. Harlem Harmonies
  18. Memphis Melodies
  19. Manchester Music
  20. Venice Vibes
  21. Dublin Beats
  22. Austin Anthems
  23. Seattle Sounds
  24. Havana Harmony
  25. Athens Audio
  26. Stockholm Sounds
  27. Toronto Tunes
  28. Cape Town Creations
  29. Melbourne Melodies
  30. Amsterdam Anthems

Creative Record Label Names

Creative record label names often use clever wordplay, unique concepts, or imaginative themes to stand out. These names can be memorable and intriguing, sparking curiosity and interest.

  1. Sonic Canvas
  2. Echo Chamber Records
  3. Melodic Muse
  4. Harmony Haven
  5. Rhythm and Rhyme
  6. Soundscape Studio
  7. Dreamwave Records
  8. Beat Bazaar
  9. Lyrical Legends
  10. Melodic Marvels
  11. Acoustic Alchemy
  12. Soundwave Symphony
  13. Rhythm Realm
  14. Melody Mosaic
  15. Harmonic Horizon
  16. Echo Enclave
  17. Groove Garden
  18. Soundwave Sanctuary
  19. Rhythm Revolution
  20. Harmony Haven
  21. Sonic Sanctuary
  22. Beat Boutique
  23. Melody Magic
  24. Lyrical Labyrinth
  25. Acoustic Artistry
  26. Echo Echoes
  27. Rhythm Reverie
  28. Soundscape Sanctuary
  29. Melodic Masterpieces
  30. Harmony Horizons

Best Record Label Names

The best record label names resonate deeply with artists and listeners alike, combining creativity, memorability, and relevance. These names often evoke strong imagery or emotions, helping to establish a distinct identity in the competitive music industry. A well-chosen name can enhance brand recognition and convey the essence of your label’s musical vision. Here are 30 examples of the best record label names to inspire your next venture:

  1. Harmony Haven Records
  2. Stellar Sound Studios
  3. DreamWave Music
  4. Radiant Rhythms
  5. Eternal Echoes
  6. Melodic Majesty
  7. Sonic Sanctuary
  8. Infinity Tracks
  9. PureTone Records
  10. Luminous Beats
  11. Vivid Vibes
  12. Resonance Records
  13. Golden Groove
  14. Horizon Harmonies
  15. TrueTone Tunes
  16. Mystic Melodies
  17. Serene Sounds
  18. Echo Ensemble
  19. Blissful Beats
  20. Harmony Heights
  21. Visionary Vibes
  22. Dynamic Dreams
  23. Uplifted Echoes
  24. Soulful Sound
  25. Enchanted Echoes
  26. Radiance Records
  27. Kaleidoscope Tunes
  28. Vibrant Voices
  29. Celestial Sound
  30. Infinite Inspirations

These names are designed to captivate and convey a sense of artistic excellence, helping your record label to stand out and succeed in the music industry.

Colorful Record Label Names

Colorful record label names use vibrant and vivid imagery, often incorporating colors or colorful themes to evoke a sense of energy and excitement.

  1. Crimson Sound
  2. Blue Note Records
  3. Golden Groove
  4. Purple Pulse
  5. Scarlet Soundwaves
  6. Emerald Echoes
  7. Amber Anthems
  8. Sapphire Sonic
  9. Ruby Rhythms
  10. Indigo Inspirations
  11. Turquoise Tunes
  12. Violet Vibes
  13. Coral Creations
  14. Silver Symphony
  15. Jade Jams
  16. Magenta Melodies
  17. Aquamarine Audio
  18. Bronze Beats
  19. Ivory Inspirations
  20. Maroon Melodies
  21. Topaz Tunes
  22. Fuchsia Frequencies
  23. Cobalt Creations
  24. Pearl Pulse
  25. Teal Tracks
  26. Lavender Lyrics
  27. Onyx Orchestrations
  28. Garnet Grooves
  29. Platinum Pulse
  30. Citrine Sounds

Inspirational Record Label Names

Inspirational record label names are designed to uplift and motivate, often using positive and aspirational language. These names can resonate deeply with artists and listeners alike.

  1. Dream Big Records
  2. Inspire Sound
  3. Hope Harmony
  4. Uplift Tunes
  5. Visionary Vibes
  6. Triumph Tracks
  7. Aspire Audio
  8. Radiant Rhythms
  9. Believe Beats
  10. Elevate Echoes
  11. Motivational Melodies
  12. Harmony Hope
  13. Brave Beats
  14. Success Sound
  15. Achieve Audio
  16. Positive Pulse
  17. Ambition Anthems
  18. Joyful Jams
  19. Empower Echoes
  20. Dream Drive
  21. Hopeful Harmonies
  22. Inspire Intensity
  23. Ambition Audio
  24. Visionary Vibes
  25. Triumph Tunes
  26. Radiant Records
  27. Inspire Melodies
  28. Aspire Sound
  29. Uplift Audio
  30. Success Symphony

Nature-Inspired Record Label Names

Nature-inspired record label names draw on the beauty and majesty of the natural world. These names can evoke a sense of tranquility, power, and organic growth.

  1. Forest Frequencies
  2. Oceanic Orchestrations
  3. Mountain Melodies
  4. River Rhythms
  5. Woodland Waves
  6. Sky Sound
  7. Desert Dreams
  8. Floral Fusions
  9. Seaside Sounds
  10. Alpine Audio
  11. Garden Groove
  12. Meadow Melodies
  13. Rainforest Rhythms
  14. Canyon Chords
  15. Sunset Sounds
  16. Wilderness Waves
  17. Earth Echoes
  18. Coastal Creations
  19. Ocean Breeze Beats
  20. Woodland Whispers
  21. Mountain Moods
  22. Prairie Pulse
  23. Sea Spray Sounds
  24. Jungle Jams
  25. Forest Fusions
  26. Coral Coast Creations
  27. Island Inspirations
  28. Arctic Anthems
  29. Nature’s Notes
  30. Tidal Tunes


What should I consider when choosing a record label name?

When choosing a record label name, consider the following factors:

  1. Relevance: Ensure the name reflects your brand identity and the type of music you produce.
  2. Memorability: A catchy, easy-to-remember name can help establish your label in the industry.
  3. Uniqueness: Avoid names that are too similar to existing labels to stand out and avoid legal issues.
  4. Domain Availability: Check if the corresponding domain name is available for your website.
  5. Audience Appeal: Consider your target audience and what names would resonate with them.

How can I brainstorm record label name ideas?

Brainstorming record label name ideas can be a creative and fun process. Here are some tips:

  1. Word Association: Start with a word related to your brand and write down all the words that come to mind.
  2. Thesaurus Use: Use a thesaurus to find synonyms and related terms.
  3. Mind Mapping: Create a mind map to explore different themes and concepts.
  4. Inspiration from Art and Literature: Look for inspiration in books, movies, and art.
  5. Collaborate: Brainstorm with friends, colleagues, or fellow musicians for diverse ideas.

Should my record label name reflect my music genre?

While it’s not mandatory, having a record label name that reflects your music genre can be beneficial. It helps in:

  1. Brand Identification: Clearly communicates the type of music you produce.
  2. Target Audience: Attracts the right audience and artists who align with your genre.
  3. Marketing: Makes it easier to market your label within specific music communities.

How do I make sure my record label name is unique?

To ensure your record label name is unique, follow these steps:

  1. Research: Conduct thorough research to see if the name is already in use.
  2. Trademark Search: Check the trademark databases to avoid legal issues.
  3. Domain Check: Verify if the domain name is available for your website.
  4. Social Media: Check the availability of social media handles related to the name.

How important is a memorable record label name?

A memorable record label name is very important because:

  1. Brand Recall: Helps people remember and recognize your label.
  2. Marketing: Easier to market and promote a catchy name.
  3. Word-of-Mouth: Increases the likelihood of people talking about and recommending your label.
  4. Professionalism: A unique and memorable name can give your label a more professional appearance.

Choosing the right name for your record label is a foundational step in building your brand. Whether you go for a vintage vibe, modern flair, genre-specific focus, or nature-inspired theme, make sure it reflects the essence of your music and resonates with your audience. Happy naming!

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